Accommodation Booking Policies:

We’re so happy you’ve chosen our property for your vacation.

Before you settle in and get comfortable, we would like to make you aware of the House Rules in place at our vacation rental. Understanding and complying with our house rules will make for a comfortable and fun stay for everybody!

Please read each of the rules carefully in order to avoid any danger or deductions from your security deposit upon check-out.

  • Any booking can be cancelled up to 30 days before the arrival date and a full refund will be given of any paid amounts. 
  • Any bookings cancelled less than 30 days prior to the arrival date will not be refunded. 
  • Please treat our house with the same respect as you would your own home. We’ve put a lot of effort into making this into a lovely space to be enjoyed by our guests.
  • Be sure to maintain a good level of cleanliness throughout your stay, this will make it much easier when check-out time comes!
  • In case of any accidental damage, we’ll look into the issue internally to decide if and how much the deduction or repair cost will be.
  • Please ensure you read and fully understand the house rules at the beginning of your stay. If anything is unclear, please contact us so we can explain in further detail to avoid any misunderstandings.
  • No smoking anywhere inside the property. We have designated areas around the pool and bar area. 
  • We do not allow pets unless you book the entire villa. (see below for further information)

The Neighbourhood

Just like our vacation rental, our neighborhood is important to us. Most of the residents live here full-time, though there may be some other short-term guests staying occasionally.

Please be sure to respect the community and try to keep noise levels to a minimum, especially after dark. Respecting the people and property around you will make your vacation more enjoyable.

  • We hope you have lots of laughter and fun times during your vacation! However, we’d really appreciate it if you’re mindful and keep noise to a minimum during night-time hours. (please note, there is an urbanisation rule that there is no loud music between 00:00 to 08:00) 
  • If any neighboring residents report excessive noise or unruly behavior, we may have to evict you from our property and terminate the vacation rental agreement. This could result in loss of security deposit and rental amount.
  • In case of any disputes or neighbor complaints, it’s your duty to notify us as soon as reasonably practicable.
  • There are designated recycling and trash disposal areas. Please refrain from throwing any trash, such as bottle caps or cigarette butts, into neighboring properties.

Children & Pets

Our apartment is not child-friendly and we do not allow any children under the age of 12 to stay with us. We do allow babies up to 6 months, but please note our floors are marble and there are no baby gates or protections in the property. 

If you despite our warnings still decide to bring a child to the apartment as visitor or additional guest, we are not responsible for any accidents that may occur while they stay at the property. 

  • We do not allow children under the age of 12 to stay at our property
  • Guests are fully responsible for the safety and security of their children and pets at all times, as well as any disturbance caused to other residents in the neighborhood.
  • We do not provide baby cots or changing tables. 

Other Visitors & Guests

We want you to enjoy your vacation and time at our home to the maximum, but we do have to set some restrictions on visitor numbers for safety reasons. 

As part of our vacation rental agreement, we need the names and details of each member of your traveling party. In addition, please respect the maximum number of visitors and the rules regarding visitors as set out below.

  • Guests are allowed a maximum of 2 visitors during the day / early evening only. 
  • Guests are responsible for ensuring that any visitors comply with these House Rules.
  • Any additional overnight visitors must be approved in advance and are subject to an additional fee, as noted in our rates.
  • Failing to notify us about extra visitors staying overnights will result in a minimum fee of 200€ per night as penalty. 
  • Parties and large gatherings of any kind are strictly prohibited at our home. Any small gathering must comply with our other house rules regarding noise, the neighbourhood and visitor numbers.
  • Guests are to allow the homeowner or service access to the property for purposes of repair and inspection. The homeowner will exercise this right of access in a reasonable manner and advise beforehand where possible.
  • The maximum number of guests allowed in the property is 14. If you have booked the whole villa, please note it is against the law to exceed the maximum number of guests staying at any one time. If you abuse this law please note that you may be asked to leave the property and no refunds will be given if this occurs before your departure date.

Electrical Appliances

You’ll find all the electrical appliances you need for a comfortable stay at our home. Please use them responsibly and ask other members of your party to do the same. This means adhering to the few rules we outline below.

  • Please make sure you switch off lights, fans or any other small electrical appliances when you go out. The same applies to air-con and heating – we’re an eco-friendly home!
  • In the unlikely case of a power outage, please call us immediately. 
  • No compensation will be given for any temporary outage of electricity, gas, water, cable, wifi, satellite or telephone service.
  • Please keep the airconditioning Temperature above 20ºC (The electric fuses may flip if you go below 20 degrees, and we may have to send someone round to flip them back on which could take time and may lead to you losing all or part of your deposit.)

Safety & Security

While we have taken the necessary measures to make our vacation rental safe for incoming guests, you also have a role to play in ensuring the safety and security of your party. There are actions you can follow to keep the house secure during your stay.

  • Any time guests leave the vacation rental, they must ensure all windows and doors are closed and locked to maintain security and prevent rain and water damage.
  • We are not responsible for the loss of any personal belongings or valuables. If you misplace something in the house, please let us know so we can look for the item during the changeover and vacation rental cleaning.
  • Parents must not leave children unattended at any time. Any guest injuries sustained inside the house are not covered by our vacation rental insurance.
  • In case of any bad weather (rain, storms, etc.), please ensure you close the terrace umbrellas and store them securely to avoid breakage.
  • Always close umbrellas and the sun canopy before you leave the property and at night in case the weather changes while you are not around. 
  • Smoking & Vaping is not allowed anywhere inside the property.
  • Guests can only smoke outdoors in the pool & bar area and ashtrays are provided. 
  • Please do not throw cigarette butts onto the property’s garden. You should instead dispose of them in the ashtray provided. This is important as this could pose a huge fire risk. 
  • Discovering guests have been smoking inside the property will also result in an additional fee charged to your card of minimum 200€ maximum 1000€ depending on the level of cleaning that is needed in the property. 


We have parking space on our property for 6 cars. 

  • Please park your vehicle in the designated parking spaces
  • There is a hight restriction of 2,3 meters
  • Please check that you have put your car in reverse when you reverse out of the driveway and don’t park your car too close to the wall. 
  • Please do not exceed 30 mph on approach to our home.
  • In case you or a member of your party has to park on-street, please be conscientious and do not block access to other properties.


While we know our guests won’t intentionally break anything at our vacation rental, we understand accidents can happen sometimes. Here is what you need to know about accidental damages or breakages during your stay.

  • Always report any accidental damages or breakages in a timely manner, especially before check-out.
  • Please do not move any furniture from one room to another without our permission first.
  • Please don’t take any bath towels with you to the beach and don’t use the bathtowels on the outdoor furniture. There are beach towels for that which we provide you with as well!
  • Don’t forget to bring your beach towels back with you from the beach.
  • If any damage to the property or its appliances is not covered by our insurance, the guest will pay for the repair costs from the security deposit.
  • A list of items is provided upon check-in. We will check this list after you check out and charge you accordingly for missing items. 

Final Note

We’ve set out these house rules so that every guest visiting our property has a safe, secure and, most importantly, fun stay at our place. Compliance with these rules is essential for every member of the traveling party. We hope you have a great time and find everything you need at our home.

  • Breach of any of these house rules is a breach of the terms and conditions of occupancy, as per the rental agreement you have signed.
  • We reserve the right to evict any guests or visitors from the property who refuse to follow these house rules.
  • In any case, please use common sense while staying in our house. If you’re unsure about any house rules and require further clarification, please call us.


Have fun! This is your vacation time, and we hope you make the most of our home, its amenities and your opportunity to relax and visit the surrounding area.

Additional information for guests that booked the entire villa


At our vacation rental, we like to provide our guests with some useful basic supplies, which they can use during their stay. You can find the complete inventory for the property in our Welcome Book. Here are a few rules to follow with regard to the items you’ll find in and around our home.

  • Tap water is safe to drink but if you’re not used to the water in Spain, we recommend not to drink it (it has very high levels of chlorine). 
  • There may be some canned goods and other imperishable foods in the kitchen. These are items left by other guests for you to use, which you are free to use as you wish. Always check the expiry date before eating anything. We always make sure not to leave expired food in the house, but oversights may happen.
  • The fireplace can only be used in winter and instructions are provided in the Guest Welcome Book. Please follow them carefully. 
  • Please note because of the risk of wildfires, all bonfires and charcoal BBQ’s are banned in the high season. 
  • You will be given a set of keys to each room and to the main house. Any keys not returned after your stay will be charged for at 20€ per key. 

Kitchen & Utensils

No doubt, one of the biggest advantages of staying in our vacation rentals is our fully furnished kitchen. It’s perfect for rustling up tasty breakfasts, leisurely lunches and delicious dinners for you to enjoy.

We provide the basics, such as cooking oil, simple seasoning and some condiments. Please treat our kitchen with the love and respect you would your own to keep it in great condition for other guests.

  • Please be sure to ventilate the kitchen after cooking anything that could leave a strong smell behind. (Always use the extractor fan as instructed) 
  • Be careful not to wash food that remains down the drain. Please throw any kitchen scraps into the bin.
  • To help the environment, please only switch on the dishwasher when it’s full and use the eco-program where possible.
  • To simplify the inventory process, please return any kitchen items to where you originally found them.
  • Kitchen cleaning products are under the sink. If any products run out during your stay, please let us know so we can replace them for the next guests. 


The general waste can be deposited in the large bins at the edge of the urbanisation next to the bus stop. 

We provide bins in the bathrooms for sanitary products. Please do not flush any sanitary products down the toilet. 

If the drain gets blocked because of improper usage of our toilets or showers, you may be liable to loose all or part of your deposit. 


We allow you to bring 1 pet if you book the entire villa.  If you’re staying here with your furry friend, there are some things we’d like you to help us out with to ensure a smooth stay for everybody.

  • We know you love your pet, but we ask that you please don’t let them up onto the furniture, especially sofas and beds.
  • Guests are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. Please ensure you clean the up any mess your pet leaves, also when you walk them in the urbanisation or in town. Spain has a law that will fine you if you don’t pick up after your pet. You also need to splash some water with disinfectant over the area where your pet has urinated. 
  • Pets must not be outside of the property fence without a leash.
  • It is forbidden for pets to be in the outside areas of the property during nighttime hours. 
  • We are not liable if anything happens to your pet during your stay. 
  • Pets are not allowed in the pool

BBQ & Outdoor Dining

Is there anything better than tucking into a barbecue on a sunny afternoon? We don’t think so! We provide all the necessary equipment to cook up a storm, but please follow the instructions below.

  • Our BBQ is a gas BBQ and no charcoal is allowed to be used in this BBQ
  • Please use the designated barbecue utensils and not the regular kitchen tongs.
  • Be sure to clean the barbecue after use, it’s much more difficult to clean the next day!
  • During summer months, open fires are forbidden in Spain and so technically you are not allowed to use the BBQ. If you decide to have a BBQ anyway, make sure that the garden hose is nearby and ensure the embers are completely extinguished before you leave the BBQ area. 
  • Using the BBQ when Andalucia forbids open fires is completely at your own risk and we are not responsible for any resulting fines if you do get caught or a fire breaks out.  
  • Please only use the barbecue until 10 pm to keep noise and smells to a minimum for our neighbours.
  • Any external catering company has to be approved by us in writing prior to arrival.